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Welcome to R.I.S.K.

R.I.S.K. is a security consulting firm specializing in the prevention of cyber crimes and social engineering attacks targeting internet users and organizational employees.  Malicious or criminal attacks on organizations are the most expensive types of breach to discover and respond to, costing hundreds of dollars per customer record alone, in additional to thousands (and even) millions of dollars in fines, penalties and civil suits.

“The cost per customer record alone is a 100% increase over non-malicious breaches stemming from negligence or system failure. A survey of 581 security professionals at large companies in the United States, Britain, France and Germany found that 90% had at least one breach in the last year and 59% had two or more. And, the costs are mounting: 41% of security breaches cost organizations well over half a million dollars.” Source:

With a combination of security audits and proper training of employees as offered by R.I.S.K. professionals, organizations will be able to identify, prevent and defend against a variety of harmful and costly attacks.

Cyber Crime

Cyber crimes range from infecting computers with malicious software to child predators. Many users tend to trust things they read and people they talk to on the internet. The sad and scary news is that not everything on the internet is true and not everyone can be trusted. Cyber criminals will target anyone they can; they do not care how their crimes will affect individuals, companies, or organizations. Criminals will use any method possible to meet their objective, including credit fraud and gaining unauthorized access to networks. The greatest assets cyber criminals have are the human tendency to trust and the inadequate training of users.

Social Engineering Attacks

Security software and hardware will protect your network and confidential information only to a certain extent. They will not protect against security's greatest weakness: the human factor.  People tend to trust and when given reasons that may make sense to them, their trust increases. Cyber criminals rely on this trust to circumvent security software and hardware. When it comes to the security of individual users, companies, or organizations it is more cost effective to be proactive rather than being reactive. Without the system maintenance, proper software/hardware and training such as that offered by R.I.S.K, software and hardware can easily be bypassed. There are many tactics used to breach networks and to steal confidential information. The ability to identify attacks before falling victim to them saves time and money.

Your IP Address

Once a cyber criminal has your IP address, they have won half the battle into accessing your computer or network. The IP Address can be used to launch attacks which target known vulnerabilities. The demonstration below shows just how easy it is to access your IP address.